PWSA Stormwater Code & Ordinance Review/Update

Project Overview

Together, the Department of City Planning and Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) are leading a process to update City ordinances and create a unified City Stormwater Management Code. The process will include technical analysis, stakeholder engagement, and expertise to review and evaluate all applicable regulatory and municipal stormwater policies, processes, and codes for consolidation and improvement options across agencies. The goal is to develop an implementable revised Code, supporting policy and process recommendations, and guidance materials aligning with other important City initiatives regarding green stormwater infrastructure, complete streets, and resiliency. Additionally, municipal stormwater management requirements are necessary for compliance with federal and state mandates. The City undertook the first round of code updates, which went into effect in March of 2019, in order to comply with Pennsylvania Act 167 and the Allegheny County Model Stormwater Management Ordinance. However, it was understood that more comprehensive analysis, community engagement, and additional recommendations were needed for the consolidation and improvement of municipal stormwater policies, processes, and codes.

Core Services Performed:

  • Stakeholder Outreach & Coordination
  • Municipal Outreach
  • Meeting Planning
  • Project Update Reporting

Client: Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority

Prime AKRF

Timeline:  2019-2021

Outreach & Recording

By improving ordinances, review processes, policies, and guidance material, stormwater management City-wide can be improved to create clearer, more user-friendly codes for developers and designers. Based on recommendations resulting from input, analysis, and expertise through this project, regulations and processes will likely change. This is a highly technical process that will not directly impact most citizens and the intent for the general public is to inform them of the work and project goals. For stakeholders and agencies more directly involved with stormwater management, the intent is to consult with and involve them in the update process to ensure broad support from the people who will be most impacted by code changes.

E. Holdings, Inc., as part of a consultant team led by AKRF, is providing outreach and stakeholder coordination support. Due to the technical nature of this project, outreach will be tailored to engage focus groups of designers, developers, engineers, contractors, watershed groups, and large property owners as well as coordinating with the City agencies. Throughout this process we will ensure transparency and information sharing, as this stormwater code will be used throughout the Pittsburgh region.

Goals of the outreach and stakeholder coordination include:
  • Generating buy in from developers
  • Establishing clear code requirements, development standards, administrative processes and steps for compliance
  • Identifying key participants and groups to be engaged as part of the planning process
  • Identifying preferred methods of communication, engagement, and information sharing
  • Articulate an outreach strategy according to the City’s guidelines provided by the Public Engagement Strategy

Dave Broniecki
Data Engineer, Associate Project Manager

Dave is a NASSCO certified Mechanical Engineer. Specializing in retrieving and analyzing data from various sources to support condition assessment and capital improvement planning activities. Utilizing data to coordinate and track progress on key organizational performance indicators, he assists stakeholders in making decisions related to strategic planning. He has been integral in establishing data management programs essential for planning the future repair and management of large-scale sewer networks.  David works with clients to develop training programs and SOPs that address current maintenance needs and future Capital Improvement Planning.


Christine Barton, PE, PLS
Project Engineer

Christine Barton is a registered civil engineer and land surveyor with expert experience in site design, land development, water resources design for civil/site projects including layouts, utility plans, and permitting, and coordination/management of field survey work.  She has successfully held positions as project manager, project designer, and office manager to serve the needs of the clients within the residential, commercial, military, industrial, and healthcare industries. Core proficiencies include coordination with local land development planning agencies, county conservation districts, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, and the  Pennsylvania Department of Environment.


Irvin Williams, President

As the President and founder of E. Holdings, Irvin is currently focused on the company’s succession, strategic growth, and development. He has both a professional and personal interest in Pittsburgh’s success.  A Pittsburgh native and founder of several development companies, he has an extensive understanding of finance and business, which are vital to the success of this company. He has served in numerous management positions including financial advisor, senior vice president, project manager, general contractor, developer, and construction manager. Active in the local community, he made the decision to dedicate his expertise to rebuilding economically sustainable communities with the approval of their existing residents. In 1996, he and his wife became the first African Americans in Western Pennsylvania to develop and own a commercial office building, Williams Square. He graduated from Pennsylvania State University with an AAS in Mathematics.

Contact: | 412-434-6290

Amy Wiles, AICP
Manager of Planning & Design

Amy’s professional experience crosses a variety of disciplines, ranging from county and multi-municipal comprehensive plans and land use ordinances (zoning and subdivision and land development) to specialized planning studies, such as wayfinding master plans and parks, recreation, trails and greenways plans. She has been employed by E. Holdings for two years and has 20 years of professional experience.

Contact: | 724-448-0286

Alexis Meier, MPP
Director of Communications

Alexis is the Director of Communications at E. Holdings. There she has worked as the Municipal Coordinator for an in-depth municipal assessment project for the Allegheny County Sanitary Authority (ALCOSAN). She oversees all of E. Holding’s public relations and public outreach efforts. She also brings experience as a Government Affairs Manager for Duane Morris Government Strategies. She worked on community development projects and developing and executing government relations strategies as well as fundraising efforts. She has also spent time navigating our political system in Washington D.C. as the Legislative Staff Assistant for U.S. Senator Rick Santorum. Her understanding of legislation and politics gives her a unique viewpoint when collaborating on civic projects. 

Contact: | 412-656-8850

Janai Williams Smith, MCP
Managing Director and EVP

Janai Smith is the Managing Director and Principal of E. Holdings, Inc. Janai is a versatile, goal-oriented Program Manager with 20+ years of experience supporting the strategic direction of large-scale programs, setting budgets and managing risks while achieving overall company goals and exceeding customer expectations. As a planner and economist, Janai has been involved in a diverse array of projects, among them master plans, urban revitalization plan, visioning studies, brownfield and infill redevelopment projects, strategic planning and infrastructure improvement programs.

Janai’s interest in urban planning, design and infrastructure programs is rooted in a passion for the creation of sustainable communities that deliver equity in planning and implementation by making connections with people and their built environment. Her affinity for complex problem-solving can be seen in the diverse array of projects in which she’s been engaged from revitalization plans for depressed urban neighborhoods to brand new communities and programs. Leading a process-oriented, multidisciplinary team, Janai’s dedication to achieving consensus in her client’s goals and stakeholders’ vision has made a significant contribution to the successful development of numerous projects. 

Contact: | 412-728-5726