About Us

E. Holdings, Inc. is a W/MBE-certified corporation based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with expertise in public relations, communications strategies, urban planning, master planning, commercial/residential development, and professional engineering services. With more than 75 years of combined experience, the E. Holdings, Inc. staff has participated in some of our region’s most celebrated development, transportation, planning, and public works projects. Our expertise in connecting people and place comes from our experience. Our team is constructed of industry professionals with a broad range of talents. This unique mix allows us to tackle projects that involve complex strategies covering multiple disciplines. We are experienced strategists, able to identify high-impact programs, efforts, and individuals within communities, and incorporate their voices and perspectives in ways that are authentic and powerful. Our firm creates and implements effective planning and engagement programs with a focus on servicing clients in the non-profit, community, and governmental sectors. We have maintained a steadfast commitment to people through the use of public involvement in our practices. We believe in ensuring that the public is efficiently and meaningfully engaged in projects impacting their local and regional communities. Our team understands and appreciates how people connect with their community and we are passionate about creating meaningful and sustainable change at the community level.

Our History

E. Holdings, Inc.’s commitment to leaving Pittsburgh better than we left it has fueled our founder, Irvin Williams’, work redeveloping the neighborhoods of Pittsburgh in which he lives and works.

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Connecting To People

Community is the CORE of what we do. Our robust communications and planning departments engage and educate residents and stakeholders throughout our planning process to ensure each and every final plan is equitable, implementable, and reflects THEIR vision and hopes for the future of the community.

Connecting to Place

No plan starts from scratch. At E. Holdings, Inc. our GIS, data management, and built environment team utilizes the latest software and techniques to gather and analyze all relevant data. We create maps and graphics that can tell the story of a place, its history, and current conditions so that we can create a strategy for their future.

Connecting to The Future

Planning only goes so far. We work to energize and empower communities to take an active role in their communities. Without community buy-in no plan can really take off. It takes equal parts good planning, neighborhood customization, and community input to ensure that a plan truly makes an impact.

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