PWSA Lead Service Line Identification

Project Overview

PWSA owns and maintains water service lines throughout the approximately 25-mile radius of the City of Pittsburgh. In 2017, they began an effort to identify and replace lead lines. The Lead Service Line Identification Program is tasked with verifying service line material on each side of the curb stop using a photograph taken inside the curb box, to date they have successfully completed 15,000 inspections. Once the inspections are completed PWSA then replaces any lines identified as lead via the Lead Service Line Replacement Program. Since the program began PWSA has replaced over 6,900 public lead service lines and over 4,300 private lines.

Core Services Performed:

  • Site Location & Documentation
  • Condition Assessment
  • Service Live Field Inspection
  • Line Cleaning
  • Condition & Composition Documentation and Photographing
  • Report Writing
  • Safety Management

Client: Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority

Prime: Michael Baker International

Timeline:  2020

Field Inspection & Documentation

E. Holdings, Inc. was contracted to provide field inspection crews to determine the location of each curb stop and the composition of both the public and private residential water service lines (1” diameter and less) within the PWSA service area, this includes approx. 4,650 curb boxes.

PWSA provided daily cub box addresses, each was located via gps, confirmed either visually or by metal detecting, and then prepared for inspection. Proper signs and barriers were placed to keep the public safe during inspections. The curb box was then photographed, from the street and internally, and inspected for damage and composition. Cleanings were performed using a vacuum truck if needed to complete inspection and damaged lids were replaced. All site conditions were systematically documented, and reports were compiled.