Pittsburgh Regional Transit Strategic Plan

Project Overview

The Port Authority of Allegheny County is undertook a strategic planning effort that will define their vision, goals, and objectives for the next 5 years. This process includes establishing the sequence in which those goals should be realized so that the organization can reach its stated vision and how they can best support County residents.


Core Services Performed:

  • Stakeholder Facilitation
  • Input Workshops
  • Graphic Design
  • Editorial Design
  • Report Production
  • Data Management

Client: Pittsburgh Regional Transit

Prime:  Michael Baker International

Timeline:  January 2022 – June 2022

Workshops & Graphic Design

Our planning team lead 2 senior leadership workshops which included planning and conducting exercises to identify and confirm the Pittsburgh Regional Transit’s (PRT) vision, mission, strategic themes, goals, objectives, performance management, financial impact, and an action plan. The information gathered in these workshops was supplemented by external and internal analysis to identify customers, markets, and trends affecting the region. Also included in the plan was data gathered from previous strategic management documents, departmental responsibilities, organizational charts, system-wide performance management information, and relevant regulatory and legislative impacts.

The team then designed and produced a plan document that incorporated graphic and editorial design elements to organize the information in a way that is engaging and easy to understand. We also incorporated infographics and relevant photos to enhance the message and allow for easy consumption. The final report is available to read on PRT’s website.

View the final plan