MLK Field Green Stormwater Infrastructure

Project Overview

Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority has planned a green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) project at MLK Field to focus on stormwater management opportunities within the field and potentially downstream. MLK Field is located in the Terrace Village section of the Hill District and within the M-19 sewershed. The M-19 sewershed is a priority sewershed for PWSA; the proposed GSI practices will detain stormwater from new developments, surrounding hillsides, and impervious right-of-way areas.

Core Services Performed:

  • Public Outreach
  • Permitting
  • Agricultural Planning

Client: Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority

Timeline:  2019-2020

Outreach & Support

 In general, the Middle Hill has seen steady economic decline following its effective disconnection from downtown due to the construction of the Civic Arena. The GSI work will focus on stormwater management source control opportunities within MLK Field and potentially downstream.

E. Holdings has been tasked with helping PWSA prepare a Public Outreach Plan (POP) for the MLK GSI project. The purpose of this plan is to identify unique opportunities for public involvement and participation in the design process. The meetings are meant to gauge public input to create a design for the field that supports the community’s future vision, and to address any concerns and questions the local community has about the project as a whole. The overall outreach goal is to include the local community from the beginning of the project, so the space will be a local asset and amenity that is regularly used. As part of this effort, our team was tasked with identifying and engaging with community stakeholder groups in the Hill District such as Uptown Partners, Hill CDC, and the Hill District Consensus Group.
During the design process, E. Holdings, Inc. is tasked with determining what permits will be required to ensure successful design completion. Our team will plan and attend multiple coordination meetings with major stakeholders, city agencies, regulatory agencies, and utility companies to effectively prepare all necessary permits. 
All agency comments and revisions will be properly completed during this process.