Love My Neighbor! Grant Technical Assistance

Project Overview

Neighborhood Allies is a progressive, solutions-oriented, community development group that supports neighborhood-based investments in some of Pittsburgh’s most under-served neighborhoods. Love My Neighbor! neighborhoods are diverse, minority neighborhoods that have been historically disenfranchised. As a result of the program, residents are able to make significant community improvements while also building community pride and resiliency. 

Core Services Performed:

  • Public Outreach
  • Community Capacity Buildings
  • Program Support
  • Resident Vision Planning

Client: Neighborhood Allies

Timeline:  2017 – 2019

Outreach & Support

As part of their Love My Neighbor! program, Neighborhood Allies solicited technical assistance to help applicants with project grants, scoping and resource identification for potential projects, and identification of funding sources for their ideas. The overall project objective was to invest in the talent and creativity of residents, so they could plan and design meaningful community improvements. 

Supporting the required technical assistance necessitated partnering with facilitators who were experienced in working within these diverse communities.  E. Holding’s generated interest and participation at Love My Neighbor! workshops within Larimer and the Hill District. During each workshop, our team explained the requirements and funding of the grant and provided technical assistance to applicants. E. Holdings, Inc. also provided assistance with interview preparation, obtaining a Fiscal Sponsor, follow-up sessions/questions, and held mock interviews to prepare applicants for their interviews.