City of Pittsburgh Housing Needs Assessment

Project Overview

The goal of the Assessment is to provide a better understanding of the existing housing market and needs of current and future Pittsburgh residents. The recommendations of the Assessment will help elected officials, City staff, stakeholders, and community members develop a meaningful sense of the housing market, recognize key housing issues, and understand how these issues impact the City. The data-driven study must include an assessment of existing housing conditions, demographic and market demands, housing gaps and issues, current and anticipated unmet housing needs, and an outlook of anticipated housing demands over the next twenty years. When possible, citywide data should be broken down into smaller, consistent geographic components. The City anticipates the Assessment will create a framework and knowledge base to create a Housing Needs Assessment.

Core Services Performed:

  • Stakeholder Coordination
  • Public Surveys
  • Community Visioning Process
  • Existing Conditions Report
  • Visioning Study & Implementation Matrix
  • Condition Assessment and Documentation
  • Data Management

Client: City of Pittsburgh, PA

Prime: HR&A Advisors Inc.

Timeline: 2021 

Data Gathering & Analytics

As defined in the legislation passed by City Council, the Housing Needs Assessment will need to include the current and projected future housing market conditions, an inventory of existing affordable housing, and a projected inventory of affordability through 2040, ensuring alignment with ForgingPGH, the City’s comprehensive planning effort that is in its beginning stages. More specifically, the Department of City Planning will expect the selected consultant to produce a report of the future need for housing that includes long term projections for the next 20 years and examine the following:

  • Existing Conditions of Housing Market
  • Demographics analysis
  • Housing trends and Demand analysis
  • Homeownership
  • Analysis of New Planned/In Progress Developments