Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Sharing information and ideas with a diverse population is a complex process that requires crafting messages through multiple mediums. E. Holdings, Inc.’s goal of any communications process is to develop strategies tailored to the audience it serves; in order to accommodate not only the type of information to be shared, but to address potential cultural, economic, gender, and societal differences that could be barriers to receiving information.

Based on the belief that those who are affected by a decision have a right to be involved in the decision-making process, public participation or public involvement processes are mandated by a governing body. For this engagement process, E. Holdings, Inc. ensures active and meaningful involvement of the public in the planning and development of public projects.


  • Planning and implementation of public involvement campaigns – Our team has created and implemented public education campaigns that successfully garnered public support and stakeholder interest for clients like ALCOSAN, University of Pittsburgh, and the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh.
  • Stakeholder Engagement Holdings, Inc. provided strategic insight during the development of all project communications and public outreach efforts that engaged a diverse and invested stakeholder population of more than 350,000 for ALCOSAN’s Clean Water Plan.
  • Stakeholder Identification and Management – Our team has effectively helped clients both identify and manage stakeholder groups, large and small. For ten years, E. Holdings, Inc. has successfully managed communications and outreach between ALCOSAN and their 83 customer municipalities; cultivating relationships with elected officials, municipal staff, regional stakeholders, and the public at large.
  • Graphics & Collateral Design – E. Holdings, Inc.’s talented team has the capability to design collateral and print materials that allow clients to easily share messages with their intended audiences. Our team can assist in delivering communications across current social mediums; maximizing messaging power.

With roots in economic development, E. Holdings has served the Western Pennsylvania region with services that add value to our municipal, community, and institutional client base. E. Holdings is committed to the use of public involvement processes as a general business practice to ensure that the public is effectively and meaningfully engaged in projects impacting some of Pittsburgh’s most prominent urban neighborhoods.

E. Holdings’s expertise is in the implementation of effective public outreach and community relations programs, and strategic planning programs that focus on connecting stakeholders to their built environment. The expertise of our staff and strength of our professional relationships allow us to implement public participation programs that are specific, purposeful, and productive. We operate on the premise that public participation is one of many elements needed to spawn economic growth and create sustainable and successful developments.