Housing Opportunity Fund Annual Report 2019

Project Overview

The Urban Redevelopment Association’s (URA) Housing Opportunity Fund (HOF) is a trust that puts funds towards the development and preservation of affordable housing in Pittsburgh. The URA was seeking a firm to create an aesthetic annual report for the HOF that could be printed. E. Holdings Inc. was chosen to work with the HOF staff to create the graphic design and produce the report. The HOF staff  provided the necessary information that needed to be included in the report.  


Core Services Performed:

  • Graphic Design
  • Outreach
  • Editorial Design
  • Report Production

Client: Urban Redevelopment Authority of the City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Timeline:  March 2020 – June 2020

Graphic Design

For 2019, the URA wanted to create a sensitive and engaging written report that told a personal and compelling story of the progress and achievements of the HOF over the course of the year.  The E. Holdings, Inc. team worked together with the HOF staff to incorporate the URA brand guidelines, color palette, and fonts into the report. The report included data and figures of the progress made by the HOF in 2019. The design team will developed infographics and graphs to incorporate this information in an easy to read and pleasing way. Visual images were also used to support the written narrative and personal stories. 


As part of creating the content and narrative for the report, the E. Holdings, Inc. team reached out to city residents and stakeholders who interacted with the HOF in 2019 to document their stories, gather quotes,  and photograph them in their homes.  Each stakeholder was approached  with dignity, care, and with documented permission to tell their personal stories. 


E. Holdings, Inc. also had the pleasure of working on the 2021 HOF Annual Report. To learn more please visit our project page.

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Learn more

To learn more about the HOF please visit the URA’s website page.  www.ura.org/pages/hof-reports