Zero One Eco-Housing (ZOE)

Zero One Eco-Housing (ZOE)

Project Description

Zero One Eco-Housing (ZOE) Project Management

E. Holdings was selected as the Project Manager by Zero One Eco-Housing (ZOE), a subsidiary of CEED, Inc., for a project designed to promote economic success and community growth in southwestern Pennsylvania. E. Holdings’ financial, real estate development, and project management expertise is critical to the success of this complex initiative. The project will offer small business startup support and housing solutions for immigrant, refugee, and inner city populations through two core programs. ZOE provides both innovative manufactured components to construct houses as well as workforce development training to teach local residents to assemble the units.

Although ZOE is internationally known in housing and workforce development, the company needed a well-respected Project Manager to successfully solicit local support and funding. E. Holdings leads CREED’s development planning efforts and serves as the community liaison. E. Holdings has helped ZOE connect with the Pittsburgh region by creating a series of collateral/marketing materials and directing outreach efforts. In addition, E. Holdings provided other services including the completion of a Facility Financial Analysis and a Facility Management Recommendation Report for a commercial site located in Pittsburgh’s Homewood neighborhood.

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